Get Naloxone

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How do I Get Naloxone?

There are several ways to get naloxone:

  • Ask your healthcare provider
  • Go to your pharmacist
    • In Oregon, anyone can get naloxone from a pharmacist
    • You do not need to see a healthcare provider first
    • Call the pharmacy first to make sure the pharmacist on-site has been certified to prescribe naloxone
  • Talk to your counselor if you are in addiction treatment
  • Check with your insurance agency to see if your plan covers naloxone
    • Insurance typically cannot cover naloxone if you are getting it to use for someone else
    • Talk to your pharmacist about your options if you are seeking naloxone to have on-hand for use on somebody else
  • Call to double-check the price with your pharmacy as naloxone costs vary based on brand and store

Training is not required to get or use naloxone, though it is recommended. If you are interested in learning how to recognize an opioid overdose and use naloxone, you can refer to the Multnomah County Health Department's videos on how to use injectable naloxone, nasal naloxone, and auto-injection naloxone or OHA's list of Frequently Asked Questions for details.

Where can I Get Naloxone?

The Oregon Health Authority has a list of pharmacies that distribute naloxone available.