Local Efforts for Naloxone & Overdose Prevention

Washington County Opioid Workgroup

Washington County has convened an opioid workgroup, consisting of staff from addictions, public health, substance use prevention, EMS, epidemiology, criminal justice and communications.

A few highlights of the group's work:Washington County Opioid Workgroup members

  • Washington County Addictions Program is partnering with the Public Health Division to distribute 76 Naloxone kits to residents at risk of opioid overdose, upon release from local incarceration or engagement with parole/probation (funding provided by the SAMSHA grant). 
  • Washington County has distributed 275 Naloxone kits to three substance use disorder providers from July 2017 to present (funding provided by the State of Oregon).
  • Washington County EMS and the majority of our Sheriff and Police departments have Naloxone kits available to use.

The workgroup is also focusing on alternative pain care, medical provider outreach, substance use disorder treatment, medication disposal and storage, harm reduction and prevention/education.

To learn more about this workgroup's efforts, email Naomi Hunsaker.