Local Efforts for Substance Use Disorder Treatment

Project Hope: Recovery Supports for Overdose Survivors

Communities in the U.S. are showing success with opioid overdose survivors by expanding the focus to include opportunities to help the patient into recovery by providing a warm handoff from the 9-1-1 response to the systems available to help with recovery.  In Clackamas County, AMR and Clackamas Fire respond to the majority of opioid overdose calls received by 911 dispatch, saving many lives each year via naloxone rescue. Through an innovative pilot project, Clackamas County Public Health will partner with Clackamas AMR and Clackamas Fire District #1 to build a more comprehensive response model in our county.

Project Hope will use Community Paramedics from both Clackamas AMR and Clackamas Fire, along with a Peer Recovery Mentor to provide crucial follow-up to overdose victims after the emergency medical phase of the call ends.  In this role, both the Peer Mentor and Community Paramedics will provide assessment, care coordination between patients and treatment providers, community resource navigation, wellness and recovery goals, and assistance, to address barriers in cases in which individuals are failing to engage in treatment.

Media Coverage:

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