Local Efforts for Public Awareness

Anyone PDX

Anyone PDX was a public awareness campaign that ran paid advertising throughout the Portland Metropolitan area from August through October of 2016. The campaign was a joint effort by the Tri-County Opioid Safety Coalition, Multnomah County Health Department (MCHD), Lines for Life, and Oregon Coalition for Responsible Use of Medications (OrCRM) with funding from MCHD and the Oregon Department of Justice. The goal of the campaign was to raise community awareness of the dangers of prescription opiates and to inform people where to find help and resources, either on the campaign website or through the Lines for Life helpline.

Anyone PDX campaign photo depicting faces of participants with the words "anyone can become addicted to pain pills. Anyone." followed by a link to anyonepdx.org and the lines for life line, 800.923.HELP.

The campaign featured real people telling their own stories of their struggles with prescription opiates and their journeys to stay substance free. The campaign’s primary messages are 1) regardless of life circumstances, anyone can become addicted to pain pills, 2) talk to your doctor about other ways to treat your pain, and 3) learn about the risks of prescription opiates. There was a webpage, anyonepdx.org, as well as the Lines for Life Alcohol and Drug Helpline for people to go to or call for more information and to learn more. The campaign used a mix of different medias to spread the message, including billboards, transit ads, community newspapers, print and digital ads, and ads on digital networks through Xfinity cable (English) and Univision (Spanish).

Picture of  Portland transit bus station bench with anyone pdx campaign on it

Since the end of the campaign, the anyonepdx.org website has been redirected to the Tri-County Opioid Safety Coalition website, where people can find resources or more information about prescription opiates, pain care, and treatment.